eMT new release High Speed 800 MHz CPU has an outstanding data processing architecture that enhances communication throughput and graphic display functionality to perform complicated animations without any delay. Detail
Complete Production Line (4.3″- 15″ TFT LCD Full Colors) Weintek brings you HMIs with various sized LCD 4.3”~15” and rich functionalities to fit in diverse industrial and automation environments.

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New Products

[cMT-SVR-100/ EasyBuilder Pro]


Cloud HMI


The HMI splits into server and visualization device. The server device connects with controller and proceeds protocol conversion, data

logging, event logging, recipe, database maintenance, macro commands execution, etc. The visualization function is perfectly integrated into iPad with the powerful Cloud HMI software. Not only do we inherit the advantage of traditional HMI and the motto of “Make Things Easy,” we also lead the trend of infinite innovation in HMI technology - lead HMI to the cloud. read more




Brand new EasyBuilder Pro, screen editor software, is not only easy to use and intuitive as it has been for 17 years, with the high performance of eMT3000 Series, more and more functionality of software together with high level hardware, the maximum value of the product can be created for users.



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Welcome to Weintek

WEINTEK H.M.I. is an automation manufacturer and provides services to industrial companies. We focus on improving human machine interface (HMI) and drivers. Our goal is to provide the PROFESSIONAL TOUCH PANELS and SUPERIOR AFTER SERVICE to our custmers in different fields around the world.


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